Fake Tan Tips from Bonza Bronz the best fake tan down under

The tan experts at Bonza Bronz - the best fake tan down under, give us some tricks and ticks to ensuring your summer fake tan is streak free and fabulous!

THE PRE TAN PLAN: suitable for both salon spray tans or at home fake tans

Try Bonza Bronz Bronz Polish, the perfect prep product for a spray tan or fabulous home fakie. And dont forget: concentrate on areas such as knees, feet, elbows and ankles as these are the most problematic areas that like to drink up fake tan.


DONT RUSH THE PROCESS: The trick to even coverage is to map out your body and apply product in stages. Apply lightly to hands, feet and face.

MITT UP: Using a mitt not only protects your hands from staining but also ensures an even tanning application.

DONT GET SLAP HAPPY: To avoid looking like an umpa-lumpa dont get too excited with the tan reapplication. Apply 1 layer of Bonza Bronz Xtend letting it process fully so you can see the results. Touch up patchy areas or apply a second coat for a deeper tan once the tan has developed. A perfect fake tan requires patience; slow and steady wins the race ladies!

A+ AFTERCARE: Use Bonza Bronz Save Body Wash daily to prolong the life of your tan and help the tan to fade evenly just like it would naturally.

Top Up Time: Dont be tempted to apply self-tan any more than once or twice a week; excessive product build-up will change the tan colour - for the worse!

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