Hair Care


Strega Argan Oil Serum 118 ml


Rich in anti-aging, moisturising & antioxidant properties, powerful Argan Oil will nourish, hydrate, strengthen, banish frizz, speed up styling & drying time & enhance hairs natural shine.

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Strega Shimmer Spray 118ml


Shimmer Spray is an effective product that provides long lasting shine, while protecting hair from damaging effects of UV light and free radicals.

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Enhance Hair Serum


Tame fly-aways & frizz and create luxurious long lasting shine with this lightweight, humidity resistant serum.

Daily Shampoo


A powerful daily use shampoo, rich in antioxidants to nourish, smooth, and protect hair from split ends, Improve manageability & create lasting shine.

Daily Conditioner


A lightweight daily used conditioner that leaves hair silky smooth. Powerful antioxidants protect and nourish the hair, improving manageability & imparting a long lasting shine

Bounce Shampoo


Refresh & revitalize hair with this ultra mild & nourishing daily use shampoo. Removes cationic build-up without stripping hairs natural oils.

Bounce Conditioner


A gentle daily use protective conditioner that increases hair elasticity, smoothes and locks in natural shin whilst insulating hair from future damage.

Xtend'm Shampoo


Every day gentle moisturising shampoo suited for all hair types. Nourish dry, damaged hair and strengthen & maintain hair extensions. Perfect for coloured & chemically treated hair.

Xtend'm Conditioner


This lightweight musk scented every day use conditioner will enhance & nourish dry, damaged, coloured & chemically treated hair, as well as strengthen and maintain hair extensions.

Xtend'm Thermal Heat Protection


Creates a protective invisible shield that protects against thermal heat styling tools up to 220 degrees. Enhance & nourish dry, damaged, coloured, chemically treated hair & hair extensions.

Treat It Leave In Spray Conditioner


Luxurious leave-in conditioner that protects & hydrates hair without weight. Vitamin-rich formula strengthens hair whilst enhancing moisture & stimulating cell regeneration Leaves hair soft and full of natural sheen.

Treat It Leave In Detangleing Treatment


Luxurious leave-in conditioner that protects hair & hydrates hair without weight.

Cuticle Restructure


Rehab for your hair! Box of 5X13ml Vials

Repairs dull, dry or damaged hair in a single shot intensive repair treatment. The lightweight silicon free formula repairs hairs internal structure leaving it shiny, vibrant and full of bounce.

Keratin Smooth Shampoo 250ml

A gentle sulfate & sodium chloride free cleanser is designed to protect the hairs natural keratin and extend the life of hair colour. Suitable for daily use & all hair types it creates a smooth finish with lasting shine.

Keratin Smooth Conditioner 250ml

Prolongs & improves the results of Keratin relaxing treatments & repairs colour treated hair. Replenishes keratin protein and restores strength, hydration, shine and softness to all hair types.

Keratin Smooth Thermal Protection 250ml

Protect hair from the inside and out. The lightweight formula leaves hair soft & silky whilst providing a keratin smooth shine & advanced heat protection.



Banish the buildup of gels, wax, mousse and conditioners that drag your hair down, making your head look dull and shaping your hair impossible. Photz with foam that has all natural purifying agents to get rid of mineral salts and to kill those frizzies. Show off your shine and indulge your hunger for gleaming hair.



Ditch the build up of gel, wax, mousse and conditioners with Hairfuel's all natural purifying agents. Get rid of mineral salts and other gunk to refuel your hair with a moisture blast to give boost, lift and shine. No matter what kind of hair day you're having use Hairfuel regularly and pump your hair with natural moisturizers to build body and intensify your hair for shaping.